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 LEAV/E/ARTH is a five piece female-fronted rock band based out of Columbus, Ohio. With their mixture of clean tones and hard-hitting bridge and chorus lines, LEAV/E/ARTH has a unique contrasting sound that can be enjoyable to those who prefer alternative rock as well as pop. The band released their debut album titled “A Perfect Disarray” in April along with signing to InVogue Records shortly before that. LEAV/E/ARTH has several completed several East and Mid-West tours in 2017 and has a few more planned throughout the year. 

“A Perfect Disarray” is a collection of 12 songs written by the group to encompass a variety of life experiences with the common theme of disconnection. The band’s first single, “The Other Side”, was portrayed with a video concept of having an out-of-body experience, a very literal form of disconnection. Through a series of scenes, Leah is shown walking towards the camera as the scenery changes around her. By the end of the song, she is seen returning to her body. The overall message from the single and of the new album is that no matter how lost you may feel, there is always a way to come back.

Photo by: Lily P McLaughlin





InVogue Records
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Leah Stenger